Agatha Christie Bus

Agatha Christie Bus

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Fantastic News - well I think so.

John Curran, who wrote the wonderful Agatha Christie Secret Notebooks has announced he is releasing another book "Murder in the Making" - again about Agatha Christie. This will be released in September and I, for one, can hardly wait....


  1. Good to hear that Anne and September is around the corner. Now if you can just meet Laura Thompson?

  2. Anne, I hope you have your list of questions for Curran ready? (Did I tell you how much I appreciate your photos and postings and this fun blog? I hope so!)

    Questions that comes to mind are:

    Does he considers Nemesis the REAL Miss Marple's Last Case?

    If he could ask Agatha only one question - what would it be?

    and Last: What is his opinion of a younger 38yrs old Miss Jane Marple and has he tried to deter this project idea in any direct/or indirect way?

    Oh one more: Has he been on the Orient Express Train and does he recommend this train trip??