Agatha Christie Bus

Agatha Christie Bus

Monday, 12 December 2011


The Agatha Christie Newsletter is out!

As I sit here with the wind and rain lashing against the window and listening the fog horn from the Lizard lighthouse blasting out - I am already making plans to visit the Christie Festival in Torquay in September.  When I went for one day this September it was a lovely sunny, hot day!

I have entered a competition to win all the Miss Marple audio CDs - wish me luck.

I have also emailed HarperCollins as they were asking for volunteers to read and review a new format of Agatha Christie's books.  This sounds really intriguing and I do hope that they take me up on the offer.

Talking about warmer climes - I think this is the perfect evening for me to watch Evil Under the Sun - Ustinov version.  I much prefer this version to the Suchet one - even though Suchet was filmed on Burgh Island.  I just love the scenery in the Ustinov one and the costumes and acting are so over the top that you can't help but love it.  My favourite scene:  Maggie Smith and Diana Rigg performing "You're the Top".


  1. Where did you hear about HarperCollins asking for volunteers?
    I'm determined to make it to the Festival next year.

  2. Tracey it is in the Newsletter. Right at the bottom.

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