Agatha Christie Bus

Agatha Christie Bus

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Poirot Adaptations - bad news

There are rumours going around that ITV have pulled the plug on Poirot adaptations.  I have to say that the last few they have produced, with the exception of The Clocks (one of my all time favourites) and Halloween Party that I am not surprised - they have been absolutely dreadful. The words "based on" are truley apt.  In my view Murder on the Orient Express, Appointment with Death and Murder in Mesopotamia - to name a few of the recent releases are appalling and do not bear much resemblance to Agatha's stories.

It is beyond me why on earth they have to change them in the first place, characters missed out, completely new characters introduced, sex of characters changed and completely new sub plots inserted.

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  1. 'Lost in translation' as the saying goes. It seems it happens to many a good book turned into a 'movie'. It would be good to list which movies are 99% faithful to the original work of Agatha Christie. On a personal side, I just learned she also was known as Lady Mallowan and not just Dame Agatha.